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The formidable Alliance of W4 Alliance Security Agency Inc. (W4 ASAI) and Golden SF1 Alliance Security Agency Inc. (GSF1 ASAI) is managed by the Alliance Security Group. W4 ASAI is backed by decades of experience across our nationwide operations, and our roster of clients have full confidence in us as their trusted ally in security. As we expand our operations to serve more clients, you can expect the same level of expertise with GSF1 ASAI and our other Security Agencies in the future.

W4 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. is the first Security Agency founded by Mr. John Icen G. Sunga, President and CEO of Alliance Security Group and Chairman of JIGS Alliance Holdings Corporation. Established in 2001 as a single proprietorship, W4 ASAI soon became a corporation in 2010.

Golden SF1 Alliance Security Agency, Inc. was established to accommodate the ever growing needs of our clients. Starting a new Security Agency not only meant more business opportunities, but also led to providing more jobs for Security Guards.

Company History and Management Team
Years in Service
Employees at our HQ
Security Personnel
Single Detachments
* Since inception

Mr. John Icen G. Sunga or "JIGS" is the Founder and Chairman of JIGS Alliance Holdings Corporation (JAHC). He also serves as the President and CEO of the Alliance Security Group (ASG), the mother company of W4 ASAI and GSF1 ASAI.

JIGS started his career under the guidance of his father and mentor, Retired Police Senior Superintendent and Chief Inspector Inocencio M. Sunga. Through years of dedication and hard work, he founded JAHC which owns ASG plus other companies in different industries.

JIGS also currently serves as a consultant for the Office of the Deputy Director for Intelligence Services at the National Bureau of Investigation, and as a consultant for the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.

But the success of ASG is not credit to JIGS alone. The skilled Security Personnel who comprise ASG greatly contribute to the high quality of service we provide our clients – deploying reputable, well-oriented, and well-trained Security Guards to help build alliances based on excellence and mutual trust.

It is our mission to provide an enriching livelihood for our sentinels, one that empowers them to provide for their families while securing the safety of our communities.
We stay true to our vision of becoming one of the best Security Agencies in the Philippines by maintaining good partnerships with all of our trusted clients.
To provide the highest quality of service, our work is guided by our
Core Values
Loyalty to our clients
Business Development Department
Integrity in our work
Auxiliary Department
Compassion for our staff and sentinels
Human Resource Department
Commitment to excellent service
Accounting Department
Responsibility to our community
Operations Department
Leadership through action
We serve a wide array of clients from various industries, and our topmost priority is ensuring their utmost satisfaction.
W4 Alliance is a security agency that truly cares for its clients. They are very approachable and always willing to give their best in providing quality service to our managed sites. Their management is very hands on and keen in maintaining security protocol at site.
ALEXIS GUILLEN, Assistant Operation Manager, CPMGI
W4 Alliance has been one of the most solid agencies I have worked with. They were around when I started my journey in the Security Profession a decade ago, and I sure am glad to be given the opportunity to work with the people of W4 Alliance again today.

Yes, they are initially a Security Service Provider, but working with them made me believe that they are also a proven Security Partner which you can trust to support your business' security needs. Most of all, you can count on them to have an impact in making your company grow.

They ensure that their clients needs are met, while also ensuring, and not compromising, the needs of their personnel. They have a robust team that one can rely on, they show passion with what they do, and they always ensure that their clients are handled with utmost importance.

Agencies are not perfect. And no agency probably will. But W4 Alliance certainly checks all the boxes one is looking for in a Security Provider.

To sum up my impression: A synergy of professionalism, dedication, and excellence; that is W4 ASAI.
Jose Rick Naval, CSP, MBA
Claims, Security and Investigations Lead
Shopee Xpress
W4 ASAI has been our trusted security provider for many years, whether in our commercial, residential or construction projects.

Guards are professional and service-oriented. Problems are unavoidable at times, but head office management, inspectors and OIC’s are easy to reach and they are always quick to address our concerns, with complete documentation.

We look forward to more years of partnership between Anchor Land and W4!
Mia Brigette Chua
Administrative Manager
Anchorland Holdings Corp.
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