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Compassion in the time of COVID-19

ASG during the pandemic

As part of the frontliners, we take health protocols seriously. That's why ASG swiftly adapted to the necessary adjustments brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continued operations in all our areas of responsibility, with safety measures strictly implemented and followed by our Security Guards and Staff.

On site, we extended support to our Security Guards who were required by clients to stay in their premises. We provided PPEs (face mask, face shield, alcohol, gloves) and essentials such as rice and groceries. We also assisted with their Rapid Test, Antigen Test, and Swab Test.

For our Staff, we provided company transportation, assisted in housing for employees who live far from our office, and assisted with their Swab Tests.

Our clients can rest assured that ASG is ready for this pandemic and will do everything to guarantee the safety of our Security Guards and Staff.

ASG makes our base in the South

ASG Cebu expansion

This 2021, we have opened our Cebu Branch Office to expand our services in the Visayas region. This is in preparation for the expansion in deployment for our clients based outside of Metro Manila.

For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are located at Cebu Daily News, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

20 years of trusting our Alliance

ASG 20th Anniversary

With two decades of experience forging great alliances with our clients, the Alliance Security Group (ASG) is now celebrating its 20th Anniversary in the Philippine security industry.

Founded by Mr. John Icen G. Sunga (commonly referred by his beloved staff as “JIGS”) in 2002, the humble beginnings of ASG started with a staff of 3 people working in a small 25sqm office in Ermita, Manila.

JIGS first gained experience in the security industry working as a Casino Security Officer at a cruise ship, before applying as an Operations Manager for Air Cobra, where his own father was a co-owner. Soon he became an Intelligence Officer and served for 15 years, at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) where he helped fight crimes and worked on high-profile cases that received commendations from high-ranking government officials.

Over the years, the number of ASG Security Guards exponentially grew. From 80 guards in 2002, to 500 guards in 2007, to 1000 guards in 2018. From 2019 onwards, ASG has been maintaining and providing jobs for 1200 guards, and even more will be added as ASG adds more Security Agencies within our group.

For all his years of gaining expertise and building credibility in the security industry, JIGS shares the credit with everyone who helped him along the way, most especially to the 7 Alliances that were an invaluable part of his journey towards the continued success of ASG:

Alliance with his father Retired Colonel Inocencio Sunga who fueled JIGS’s drive, changed his perspectives, and made him realize how he can widen his horizons.

Alliance with his wife Mrs. Barbara Sunga who has made sacrifices for the family that allowed JIGS to grow ASG, as well as being his support system from the very start.

Alliance with our loyal security inspectors and office staff who have remained on JIGS’s side despite the company’s rough patches, and becoming a second family who treat each other with love and respect.

Alliance with our hardworking security officers and guards who saw JIGS’s efforts to provide them with a decent living, which led to JIGS earning their unwavering loyalty and respect.

Alliance with our trusted clients who put their complete trust in JIGS to provide them with only the best security personnel and services.

Alliance with his Church who molded and guided him to be a faithful child of God, teaching him the Christian way of life.

Alliance with God who has deeply inspired JIGS with His promises as stated in the Bible, and stayed by his side through the ups and downs of his life.

As we grow even bigger and better, we give thanks to all the people who contributed in making us who we are today, and we look forward to more decades of providing excellent security services from the Alliance Security Group.

We have always aimed to provide the best security services for our clients, and we are motivated by the awards and recognition that the industry has given us.
Alliance Security Group on CEO Magazine
Phinma Holdings Corporation was featured on CEO Magazine and the Alliance Security Group was graciously included in the article. A testament to our strong partnership with one of our trusted clients.
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