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Areas of Expertise

We help maintain the security and safety of your establishment.

Our expertise is providing clients with skilled security personnel for all their security needs in areas including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Corporate Offices
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Construction Sites
  • Private Offices and Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Escorting VIPs (Local or Foreign)

We are also capable of providing services in:

  • Background Investigation
  • Document Fraud Investigation

Security Personnel and Services

We offer everything from security personnel to security programs.

Security Officers & Security Guards

Our Security Officers and Security Guards are properly screened and trained to pass our standards and requirements. They are also uniformed and equipped based on the needs of the establishment.

VIP Security Escorts

Our VIP Security Escorts are presentable, experienced, and highly trained to carry sophisticated firearms. They are adept with security intelligence and tactics, making them the best choice for escorting diplomats, businessment, famous personalities, and families with private gatherings.

Private Investigators

Our Private Investigators are efficient and impartial in conducting systematic inquiries and close examinations.


We have served clients who needed assistance in extracting private information for various reasons: personal, business, and even unforeseen criminal situations. Enlisting the services of our surveillant/detectives are strictly confidential, together with the subjects and outcomes of our investigation.

Security Monitoring

Our Security Personnel can conduct security monitoring to prevent untoward occurrences such as pilferage, infiltration, syndicates, and labor activities.

Security Innovation

We strongly recommend the installation of security devices like surveillance cameras, alarms, and other protective devices to help control and manage the vulnerabilities of the area.

Security Consultation

Our clients can request for a special consultation to determine their security needs, and we can customize our security programs depending on the situation. (This can range from daily security operations to exceptional incidents such as kidnappings, bomb threats, etc.) Our Security Officers together with the Area Operations Managers can plan a strategy to reduce and prevent such incidents, and our Security Personnel are open to assisting clients in coordinating with authorities.

Security Planning

Because our clients' needs may vary, our expert Security Inspectors can analyze their establishment's vulnerabilities and make an assessment to determine the most appropriate security measures and strategies. Disclosure of existing and potential hazards and their possible countermeasures, access control, theft control, properties control, employee assessment, and coordination with local authorities are just some of the possible facets of our comprehensive security program.

Security Equipment and Resources

We take charge of your security requirements beyond manpower.

Firearms and Security Paraphernalia

Our highly skilled officers are equipped with licensed firearms such as .38 Caliber, 9mm Pistol, and 12 Gauge Shotgun. Two-way radios are also provided when assigned in a wide area of responsibility. They will be equipped with additional gear such as metal detectors, flashlights, handcuffs, batons, and reflectorized vests, as needed and according to the nature of the establishment.


We will determine the uniform best suited for the Security Officers' and Security Guards' post (such as traditional barong or white polo shirt with navy slacks) with our clients having the final approval. Upon deployment, the Security Guards will have a complete set of uniform that includes pershing caps, IDs, name plates, logo patches, and vests. We also prioritize proper grooming for all our Security Personnel.


Our vehicles are always available for quick response to our client's calls, meetings, monitoring, inspections, and VIP security escort services.

Quality Control and Maintenance

We make sure our security services give you maximum satisfaction.

Regular Inspection & Assessment

Clients can rest assured that our officers and their area of responsibility area regularly inspected for alertness and efficiency, and to make sure they observe proper conduct at all times.

Inspections are done at random as dictated by ASG, to accurately assess and evaluate the performance of our Security Guards at any given time.

Command Conferences

To maintain the quality of our services, we hold regular command conferences for Operations/Administrative Officers and Staff to stay updated with the latest security procedures and strategies. ASG also equips all Security Guards with the knowledge and skills to accomplish their tasks and handle every situation they may encounter on site.

Client's Management Meetings

ASG Officers or Staff Members will attend company management, or technical meetings required by our clients. We believe your needs are as unique as your professional objectives, and these meetings can guide us in crafting security programs and strategies over the course of our partnerships.

Client's Periodic Evaluation

Clients and establishments are encouraged to evaluate the services of our Security Guards to further strenghten our performance and improve where needed.

Guards' Counseling Services

Aside from training and equipment, ASG is responsible for educating and counseling our Security Personnel. This includes resolving conflicts to maintain a professional and harmonious working environment. All our Security Officers do their part in molding and maintaining the proper behavior of our Security Guards, and anyone who becomes involved in any unfavorable incident will be required to undergo counseling.

24-Hour Operations

Our Security Operations Officers and Staff operates 24 hours every day including Sundays and holidays. We can be reached any time of the day to serve all your security needs anywhere within the Metro Manila, Luzon, and Visayas areas.

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